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Yannick Schäfer


Research interests

Studying the development of multi-copy gene families such as immune receptors (NLRs) or olfactory receptors (ORs) in model organisms such as the zebrafish and beetles



since 2021 technical assistant and programmer with Prof. Dr. Thomas Wiehe at the University of Cologne, Institute for Genetics

2021 Master of Biological Sciences at the University of Cologne

  • Master thesis: 'Bioinformatic and Population Genetic Analyses of Genetic Variation in NLR Genes of Danio rerio', supervised by Prof. Dr. Thomas Wiehe

2019 Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Cologne

  • Bachelor thesis: 'The role of mitochondrial transport mechanisms in dopaminergic neurons in olfactory learning and memory of Drosophila melanogaster larvae', supervised by Prof. Dr. Henrike Scholz